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The Library was established in 1999 primarily for the use of local preachers, ministers and worship leaders in the Leeds (North East) Circuit. Others who wish to borrow, including preachers from other circuits in the Leeds District, and people who are not preachers, may do so. The collection, which is housed in the Circuit Office at Lidgett Park Methodist Church, is accessible whenever the Circuit Office open - ie usually 8.00 am to 1.00 pm Monday to Thursday; evenings when church groups are meeting; and after Sunday services.

Books may be borrowed and returned by post provided the borrower pays the postage costs. For more information contact John S. Summerwill

A copy of the Catalogue and Indexes can be downloaded in PDF format, for printing as a folded booklet of 56 A5 pages. Click here



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Key to Donors

[Bell] The late Peter Bell [DR] District Resources Officer [*TM] Loaned by Tim Morris
[BR] Beryl Rogers [JSS] John S. Summerwill [RB] Richard Bryant
[C&JG] Christopher & Joan Gardner [MPH] Methodist Publishing House [PW] Paul Welch
[Craske] Jane Craske [PHar] Peter Harper [GH] Geoffrey Haselden
[GL] George Lovell [RC] Robert Creamer [PD] Patricia Davies
[MH] Mary Haves [KA] Keith Argyle [JM] John McNeill
[SHow] Susan Howdle [PHow] Peter Howdle [SP] Stanley Pearson
MP Mary Patchett MPr Michael Prince RBC Robert Creamer
ND Norma Davey