Dear friends,

There’s nothing to beat a hot cup of tea! Equally there are few things less appetising than a lukewarm cuppa. Most drinks need to be served either hot or cold rather than somewhere in between and, according to the book of Revelation, the same is true when it comes to faith.

“I know you well—you are neither hot nor cold; I wish you were one or the other!  But since you are merely lukewarm, I will spit you out of my mouth! (Revelation 3: 15-16)

 That may seem odd, for surely it is better to be half-committed rather than a complete atheist, to believe at least a little rather than nothing at all. And yet, perhaps not. A little faith can be a good thing, indeed that’s all that most of us will ever have – but an apathic or nominal faith is something different, for it erroneously presumes all is well when it isn’t. an atheist or agnostic may – given time and patience – be won to faith, for they’re under no illusions as to where they stand concerning belief. Lukewarm believers, by contrast, consider themselves won already, even though in reality they may be simply going through the motions. They are as much in need of hearing the gospel as anyone else, yet, ironically, they are the least likely to hear it, since they imagine they’ve done all that needs doing.

If our faith is to be all it should be, we need the courage to look at ourselves, measure the temperature of our commitment and acknowledge where it is lacking. Only then can God fan a new flame within us that burns genuinely hot for him.

I wonder what saps the energy from your faith, causing it to cool off? What measures can you take to prevent it?

Lord, kindle a spark in our lives, a flame in our hearts, a fire in our bellies. May living faith burn within us, to the glory of your name. Amen

God bless, Tanya